Chief Administrative Law Judge Carl L. Evans


The Legal Division consists of the Chief Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Law Judges, and legal secretaries. The Judges serve as hearing officers in all cases before the Commission. These hearings involve motor carrier cases, utility cases, and other matters.

The Legal Division provides legal advice to the Commissioners and staff members, as well as the public. It prepares written reports and recommended orders, and drafts many of the final orders of the Commission. The Legal Division also prepares opinions and memoranda on legal questions involving the Commission's jurisdiction.

The Legal Division also spends a considerable amount of time involving rulemaking and revision of rules, and works with other divisions in drafting and reviewing legislation for the Commission.

Slamming is a continuing problem. The Legal Division has heard and processed several matters concerning penalties against telecommunications companies that have engaged in this practice.

During the past fiscal year, the Legal Division conducted hearings involving approximately 240 matters and processed hundreds of applications not requiring a formal hearing. The length of hearings vary from 30 minutes or so to several days.

A tabulation of the number and types of inquiries handled by the division is not feasible. Such inquiries are numerous and cover subjects as broad as the Commission's jurisdiction and beyond. These inquiries come from the public in general, the Commissioners, staff members, attorneys, the Legislature of Alabama, federal agencies, agencies of Alabama and other states, and all types of businesses regulated by the Commission.

The Legal Division assists Commission staff attorneys and outside attorneys in Commission matters before the courts of Alabama, federal courts, and federal agencies.

It is anticipated that the number of hearings and other activities will increase during the upcoming fiscal year.

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